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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Obama in the kitchen to prepare the children's meals

Media captured some images of U.S. President Barack Obama during the preparation of children's meals in the kitchen of Association "Martha-table" charity, which works to help the homeless and low-income families.

Martha’s Table deals with the immediate effects of poverty and finds long-term solutions with education, nutrition and family support services.
Martha’s Table impacts over 1100 people a day with its programs, including those for children and youths from ages 3 months to 22 years old, and their families.
At the core of Martha’s Table’s grocery program is:
  • Engaging children and families around food and its preparation.
  • Delivering tons of food to local inner city schools where families choose among healthy offerings of fruit and vegetables, dairy, and protein.

 At the core of Martha’s Table’s family support services is:
  • Creating a clothing operation where everyone -- those with means and those without -- can shop together and choose the items that they not only need, but want, choosing how they will present and express themselves to the world.
  • Workshops for families focusing on parenting skills, health and behavioral screenings, and nutrition.
At the core of Martha’s Table’s volunteer program is:
  • Creating opportunities for 10,000 people a year from schools, businesses, faith-based groups, and the community to learn about service and the value of helping their neighbors.



rtraining said...

سبحان الله ،،،
من تواضع لله رفعه ، بالرغم بأنه مسيحي ولكنه يعرف شو معني التواضـــع
وبعض رؤوساء العرب الذين يعرفون الاسلام .....نقط نقط نقط
والحال يتحدث عن نفسه ,,,

وأعيد من تواضع لله رفعه ،،،

Anonymous said...

النفاق وليس التواضع ... من قتل أطفال المسلمين والعرب في كل مكان .. من سبب مجاعة أفريقيا .... من هو سبب في عدم إعادة فلسطين والأراضي العربية لأهلاها ... نفاق إعلامي وهذا ما أثر فيكم ياعرب وجعلكم تستغنون عن رئيس شريف في مصر لتستبدلوه بالجزار السيسي .... بسبب الإعلام المصري الكاذب والمزور ... ولسه بتمدحوا في أوباما ... من أحبه فليحشر معه

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