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Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Funny Hard Work Moments In Her Birthday

This is one of the most amazing and funny moments in every one's life, The birthday, the time to blow out the candles.  This is The Kaylee's birthday, in it she has a tough time blowing out the candle. Really what a big problem to get the candle blow out.

While watching this video, I've many questions get in my mind, is the blow out power the main problem, or it has not enough air get out to blow out the candle. Any way it's really hilarious funny. Have a funny moments.

In many portions of the world[vague] an individual's birthday is celebrated by a party where a specially made cake, usually decorated with lettering and the person's age, is presented. The cake is traditionally studded with the same number of lit candles as the age of the individual, or a number candle representing their age.
The celebrated individual usually will make a silent wish and attempt to blow out the candles in one breath; if successful, a tradition holds that the wish will be granted. In many cultures, the wish must be kept secret or it won't "come true". Presents are bestowed on the individual by the guests appropriate to her/his age. 

Other birthday activities may include entertainment (usually by a hired professional, i.e. a clown, magician, or musician), and a special toast or speech by the birthday celebrant. The last stanza of Patty Hill's and Mildred Hill's famous song, "Good Morning to You" (unofficially titled "Happy Birthday to You") is typically sung by the guests at some point in the proceedings. In some countries a piñata takes the place of a cake. An occasional activity is spanking the birthday individual, with one usually gentle "swat" for each year since birth.[citation needed].
In North America, the celebration of a birthday is fundamentally about celebrating the role of friends and families in an individual's life and recognizing their importance. via

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