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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Stunning Photos show before and after drugs taking

London-based photographer Roman Sakovich captured stunning portrait photos of people showing the devastating effects of addiction before and after drug use.

These images are not real but she has captured them in a studio using make-up.

The artist produced this project, titled "half", where she studied photography at the Faculty of Arts, University of Bournemouth. Instead of taking separate photos, the artist decided to collect them to appear as one shot.


These images are not produced by merged two images into a single image. actually she used makeup on one side of the face and kept the other regular on the other side.

The result is an eye-opening look at the damaging effects of drug abuse, especially meth addiction which is known to have a considerable amount of impact on one’s physical appearance.

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Anonymous said...

They all have beating marks on their face...because they did not pay for the drugs they used...but will anyone talk about the 3 big sharks who run drug trade worldwide...CIA, Mossad, & British Intel Agncy?...i don,t think focus on the results not the roots of the problem, means insulting humans brains....

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