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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Watch The Results of Extreme Diet And Anorexia

Those girls in the photos below are an example for those who want to make extreme diet without a plane and which leads to one which so called Anorexia. Our nature is the perfect thing don't try to change it by extremely way. To those girls those thinking that they are not beautiful, you are not beautiful too when your body transferred to a skeleton.  

What’s wrong with skipping meals?

Skipping meals can start a difficult cycle whereby the body burns less calories – therefore you need to starve even more. It is a self-defeating cycle. When a person suddenly eats “normally” the body typically rebounds with the sudden calorie excess and stores it as fat.

A bout of starvation, followed by a return to previous eating habits will have disappointing results. The person is left with less muscle mass than before and possibly more fat tissue. During the deprivation they may have experienced fatigue, irritability, and possible nutrient deficiencies that have affected their skin, hair, and nails. via

Caution – the images may be disturbing.

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