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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Israeli President, Shimon Peres, Congratulates The Islamic Nation By Ramadan

President of the Israeli Shimon Peres congratulates the Muslim by the month of Ramadan before 3 days ago. He begins his talk by the Islam greeting words which is "Alsalam Alikum" which means Peace upon you and continue his speech that he talk behalf of all Israel people to talk to all Muslim A good ramadan "Ramadan Kareem" and Israel wishes an accepted fast and this to be a year of peace "Salam" to both of Israel and Muslims. 

As he said that like Muslims and so Jews and Christians share the same values, values of justice and that Ramadan is a month of devotion and reflection for peace and continue his speace and said that this month of Ramadan,by talking it in Arabic language, is an opportunity to expand hands to each other for peace , and it's need to be a peacefully year for all people and he ends his speech by the Arabic greeting , Best wishes for a happy New Year.


abdsalim said...

عادي مثل بشار

ومثل كل الزعماء المنافقين

Anonymous said...

we dont need his congratulation !

سلطان روحي said...

وربي انكم امة حمقاء ما تستاهلون حتى التهنئة هؤلا قوم يسعون للسلام قبل اي شي

Anonymous said...

@سلطان روحي
يسعون للسلام؟
طيّب روح نام!

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