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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Unbelievable Side Effects Of The Ballet Dancers Feet

The health problem: Professional dancers do tend to have more problems with their legs, feet and ankles as they get older. Part of this is that toe work really does mess up your feet if you aren't very careful and part of that is professionals are more likely to get injured and then to keep dancing on injuries. There's definitely a dance through the pain mentality, and that really catches up to you, usually in the form of arthritis. Pointe can mess up your feet, but I don't know anyone who's had nerve damage. The average person who takes ballet isn't likely to have these problems, because you aren't going to be abusing your body to that degree. You are probably more likely to get some form of foot or ankle injury because of ballet than some random person off the street is.

As a ballet , and classical dance, accompanied by musical theater dance is called artistic. In particular, the term also have the following meanings:

  • A dance performance on stage to musical accompaniment, the presentation consists mainly of dance or part of a larger work (opera, operetta, musicals) can be.
  • An art form / division at the theater next to opera, theater and concert.
  • A dramatic work in which the dance takes center stage.
  • Music that was written as an accompaniment for dance stage.
  • An ensemble dancer in the theater (corps de ballet).

Traditionally, we mean by a classical ballet, a ballet. Due to a libretto, a music composition and choreography will be created. There are also set design, props and costumes. The dance itself consists of body movements in space, gesture and facial expression.

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