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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Art Photography, Visions Of Last Summer

In every evening I went a way to the green lands to see the sunset and the beautiful horizon, it's really incredible, not even the evening is beauty but also all the day time specially the morning and the evening . Excelled photographers from around the world in transferring what they see, the beauty of nature, we see images of the beauty of forests and trees, seas and rivers, and various objects to live in its own world thousands of kilometers away!

Have a fun with the following photos :)

The warm sun of early morning


Charm and colors of Tuscany

Colors of a summer morning

I remember a beautiful summer morning

Lights and colors of an extraordinary place

Lights and colors of my Tuscan on a summer afternoon

Quiet very flat

Seeker in the fog

The atmosphere of an impetuous pleasant day in Tuscany

The colors of the evening

The guardian

Toscana mon amour

Visions of last summer