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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Stunning Photos of Animals Captured At The Perfect Moments

Capturing photos is not that easy work, it's need a talented photographer to get the photo from the perfect angle and at the perfect moment. Really while I look at these photos I feel that it want to say something, another photos I found them imitate the behavior of the Human. Like the Monkeys :) . For example look the first photo. A Monkey is ready to take a photo, really funny.

I've search all over the internet and publish in my post some examples of these amazing photos and I hope to get your attention and I hop to fun moments with them.

Baby Gorilla

Curious Rockhopper

Giant Flying Squirrel

Red-eyed Tree Frog

Swimming Monkey


Tiny Chameleon

Angry dog

Friends by Vlado Ferencic

Good friend Masashi Mochida

Satisfied Lion

Popular child by Masashi Mochida

Synchronized_swimming by Masashi Mochida

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Anonymous said...

how many parts our brain is divided

Anonymous said...

صور غايه في الابداع

fayez said...

Jazak Allah kullallkhair for your efforts

fayez said...

Jazak Allah kullallkhair for your efforts

Anonymous said...


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