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Sunday, March 11, 2012

You Are My Child By The Photographer Saint Malo

"My Child will become a Judge one a day", a father said . "My Child will become a Doctor", said another father. Here are some incredible photos photographed by the French photographer Saint Malo, Hence he captured a multiple photos of a child dressed one time a swimming clothes and another time  Judge ,Engineer, Doctor or Belly  Dancer.

Any way. What you want your child to become is determined by what you learn him or her and what he love and what is his or her hobbies. 


Anonymous said...

its really nice pics

ezat m said...


melody said...


Anonymous said...

الآروع هوه الانسانه التي اختارت هذه الصور الجميله الفريده من نوعها وختياراتها دائما تشعرني بالابداع المتواصل الى مال نهايه

ja said...

its greater than for children

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