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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Stunning Abstract Photograph For Loneliness

When I miss you,  I feel that I need you so much, I can't be a lone without you, you are my soul without you I'm dead. These words doesn't have the effect of loneliness like these stunning abstract photographs. There's a lot of things the words can't appear the with the real feelings and emotions. Watch these stunning photos captured by the photographer  Julie de Waroquier  and others that show you the meaning of being alone.

Unconscious life

Walking on adream

Welcome to my place

a quest for beauty by temporary peace

chained by temporary peace

All my frail hopes

Back to reality

Cry me a river

flowers stream by snowfall lullabyd

Her own world

I dont fit this world

I have to go

Left alone

Live for the future

The road

The weight of your words

Time goes by like a train


Gibreel Mansouri said...

Perfect photos

Anonymous said...

really beautiful collection :)

Anonymous said...

very Good

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