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Monday, December 19, 2011

You are not alone by The Photo Manipulator Michael Vincent Manalo

The title of this post is really amazing. Michael Manalo, the photo manipulator of these photos, summarized the human relations and feelings with simple manipulated photos. 

The loneliness, women feelings  the world song and the tales from a world musician, our dreams are also mentioned by the artist with his photo titled Tales from the dream nomad. He also indicate that the world is really small by his photo titled The earth room. Hope has also a bit of his artwork by the photo titled The euphony of the apocalypse and the story teller and finally the The kingdom is coming.

You are not alone

Light my fire

Tales from a world musician

Tales from the dream nomad

Tales from the lure makers

The earth room

The euphony of the apocalypse

The story teller

The kingdom come


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