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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Incredible Artwork Using 500,000 Cigarettes To Make Tiger Skin Carpet

This is one of the most stunning art work of the China's famous contemporary artist Xu Bing. He has worked on tobacco-related projects for over ten years.  This work is one of the artists Tobacco Project which examines the culture and production of tobacco from the perspective of this Chinese artist.

This art was done across the exhibition hall at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the rug is formed by the cigarettes which transformed into a creative material, unearthing contemporary and historical ideas about this powerful industry.

Source: inhabitat


Anonymous said...

والله تمام عشان الواحد لما يجيه الكيف
يتناول من السجادة ويسحب
اسبوع زمان بيخلصها

Anonymous said...

هو فعلا بيخلصها بس مش السجاده لكن حياته
مع تحيات مدخن سابق

Mahmoud Joudeh said...

الى ناسا محمود ، كيف تكتبين هذا الكلام حرام يا حبيبتي ما يصح تتحدثين بهذا الإستخفاف عن الله عزً وجل

Mahmoud Joudeh said...

الى ناسا محمود : كيف تكتبين عن الله عزً وجل بهذا الإستخفاف حرام حبيبتي ما يصح
احذفي التعليق ربنا يخليكي

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