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Monday, August 15, 2011

Art Photography : Stunning Fog Photos 2011

Everywhere there must be a beautiful spots, and places, but no one can capture and find the beauty of these places else the artists, the photographers who have a good sense and feelings of the beauty of nature, the angle at which the photo captured will be the perfect photo. The sun shine, the moon, the grass, the water and pools all of these are the tools of the photographers which help them to capture the perfect photos.

These photos are taken in a different day time and seasons, here you will see how much the frog is beautiful.

Shining Through The Fog, by Carlie Hensley
Mysterious Morning, by Carlie Hensley

Where Fog Sleeps, by Carlie Hensley

Tuscan Mist, by Martin Rak

Alley, by Martin Rak


ja said...

رائعة جد
Its very nice

ja said...

رائعه جدا
Its nice

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Anonymous said...

سبحان الله

Anonymous said...

so nice..

Suad Alhalwachi said...

great photos really I loved them

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