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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Painting Art: Stunning Conceptual Polish Paintings

Painting is the art of what we dream, what we imagine and what of what we are thinking of. this type of art is related to a Polish painterThe polish painters are well known by there amazing drawings that introduce what they thinking and who is there social behavior. there's a lot of  polish painters like Piotr AbraszewskiJulia Acker , Tadeusz Ajdukiewicz , etc.... 

we are heir for feeding us not playing

don't worry my cat

I don't eat on Sunday, because there's a little food

If I paint it with golden color, then my price will be higher

Who spilled gallon !!!..

Nature breathing !!.

Crash !!!

Music give us electricity

The dollar is power

We want to eat

Scanning the garden

The execution time!!!


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Anonymous said...

i'ts abnormale thanks

roody333 said...

Very good,how fine it's

El Mughrabi said...

no comments

ايمى said...

you are different

ايمى said...

you are differant

Anonymous said...

very awsome :)

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great..go ahead.

khm2009 said...

Creativity lover creativity.

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