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Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Like These Photos

These photos carrying a lot of meanings, I like photographers who captured these photos in the perfect moments and those designers who's manipulations on these photos let them to be true or giving a perfect meaning, I hope to like them as I am :).


nada said...

كلك ذوق لارا صور جميله

Anonymous said...

Lara I like the wau you introduce the pictures
They are interesting

Anonymous said...

مرحبا لارا وشكرا كثير علي الايميل الحلو والصور الجميلة وأتمني دائما الكل يكون مهتم مثلم بهيك مواضيع تتكلم عن جمال الطبيعة فالصورة كانت أبلغ من الكلام
صديقك هاني

Manager said...

Thank u friends :)

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