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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Water Drops Art Photography

A way of creating beautiful digital photographs is to learn how to capture water drop photos. With water drop photography you have so much possibilities to play with lightning, shadows, items and colors.
Flickr user Corrie White is one of those people that has taken her time to learn it, and I can admit that she is pretty good at it. The best way is to make the setting indoors, because the conditions outside would probably ruin the drops from falling perfectly. You definitely need a lot of patience because it will take you some time to make the perfect picture. Shutter speed and focal length are some things that are important, but that varies, so it is hard to say what qualifications you need for your camera.
The water drop photography all started as a hobby for Corrie, but became a serious activity for her later on when she started to test the limits and make some unique water drop photos that will surprise you. Some of her shots of drops hitting the water look like flowers or even colorful jellyfish. It is her creativity that makes her work so different from other water drop photographs.


Anonymous said...

الاخت لارا
بالفعل من اجمل مارايت من صور لقطرات الماء
وبالفعل قال الله تعالي : وجعلنا من الماء كل شئ حي
ادامك الله وشكرا

3la_keefy said...

إبدـآع وشغل جبـآر ورـآء الكوـآليسس
شكراً لك

badra abdelmgeed said...

كم انت جميلة يا لاارا
وموضوعات فى غاية الروعة والأبداع استمرى الى الأمام ياجميلة الجميلات
صديق من مصر

nada said...

صور رائعه ,, شكرا لارا

Manager said...

تسلموا يا جماعة، كتير ممنونة للإلكن

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