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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ultra Realistic Portrait Drawings

Technology brings to surface more and more talented artists who create astonishing digitally manipulated images on every possible theme and illustrating everything that you could possibly imagine and even more. But then we still have the “classics”, for whom the pencil and paper are the genuine and compulsory materials in creating works of art.
This shows brilliant portraits of men created by the technique of traditional drawing, without any digital manipulation. Some of them can easily trick the eye into believing that they are real photos of real people, that’s how beautiful and expressive they are. True masterpieces.

Bruce Willis

author: Jan Bevins

King of Pop

 author: krzysztof20d


author: krzysztof20d

Brad Pit

author: krzysztof20d 

Will Smith

author: skeroro 


author: krzysztof20d 

Jack Nicholson

author: krzysztof20d 

Mel Gibson

author: krzysztof20d 

Robert Downey Jr

author: Geinen 

Jack Sparrow

author: Zindy 

Elderly Asian Gentleman

author: OdinPeterson 

American Errorist

author: OdinPeterson 


author: jacksl 


Anonymous said...

nice thanks

nada said...

رسم صور رائع لنجوم كبار احبهم جميعا شكرا لارا

Mahmoud said...

شكراً جزيلا لارا على الصورة الرائعة وموضوعاتك الجميلة،،

تحيتي لكي على الدوام

محمود غزة

abaalkeel said...

شكرالكي يلارادومامتميزه

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot

يزن said...

يسلمو لارا
بجد يعطيكي العافية

abuomar said...

مشكورة على هذه الروائع ولكم تمنيت ان ارسم صورا لمن احب بهذه الطريقة

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