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Friday, September 24, 2010

Pay & Sit – The Private Bench

German designer Fabian Brunsing created a very unique Pay & Sit Bench specially for those who hate sharing their seats in a park.
In a normal state, the bench is all covered with metal spikes. If you want to sit and not hurt your rear end – you have to slip a 50 Euro cent coin (~66 cents US). Than the spikes retract, and you can comfortability sit for a fixed period of time before the alarm goes off. Few seconds after the buzzer spikes rise again.
It’s a pretty cool invention, however, imagine a drunk guy inserting a coin and falling asleep here. Or even worse – blind person looking for a seat in the park.
Some people even suggested making the bench more fun by making the spikes deploy very quickly after some random length of time. (via demilked)


" دموع الرود " said...

حلو والله
المكان العام تحول لخاص

Anonymous said...

عادى هادول ناس متحضرين

صمت القلوب said...

وين العادى اللى فيه ارحمو يا جماعة بكرا بنصير ندفع حق الهوا اللى عم نتنفسو قال متحضرين قال ههه

Anonymous said...

ياريت توضيح يا صاحبي كيف الدولة سامحة لهم بهيك هبل
والا حضرتك بتجيب مقالات للترفيه

Manager said...

يا جماعة بنحكي أنه هذا تصميم لنموذج للذين لا يرغبون مشاركة المقعد مع غيرهم

Anonymous said...

ماله معنى حسبته شي شغلة

abuomar said...

فكرة ظريفة لن تنجح في الوطن العربي
شكرا لكم لارا

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