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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Everything is in Green

Green is life. Abundant in nature, green signifies growth, renewal, health, and environment. On the flip side, green is jealousy or envy (green-eyed monster) and inexperience.

Green is a restful color with some of the same calming attributes of blue. Like blue, time moves faster in a green room.

Green is the national color of Ireland and is strongly associated with that country. Green also has close associations with Islam. Because of all the green in nature the color is reminiscent of Spring. Coupled with red it's a Christmas color.

With both a warming and cooling effect, the color green denotes balance, harmony, and stability. Use several shades of green for a fresh, Springtime feel. Olive green, also called olive drab, is a not so drab summery green that may have military overtones for some people.


Anonymous said...

فعلا صور مريحة للعين و الأعصاب تسلمي على الموضوع

nada said...

the picture has a nice colour

samir said...


tattah321qe said...

لون مريح للعين و النفس
صور تظهر بجمال قدر التأثير الإيجابى على الأعصاب لهذا اللون المميز
سلم ايديكى

Anonymous said...

اللون جميل لكن ثعبان أخضر يبقى ثعبانا مهما كان لونه

Anonymous said...

سلمت يمناك
بس الحمد لله اني مو من محبي اللون الأخضر
و ما رح أحكي شو لوني المفضل ليصير في شي و أكرهو بعدين

Anonymous said...

يعني بس العيون الخضرا هي الحلوة مش صحيح جمال العين لما تتناسب مع البشرة والشعر ياما ناس عيونها خضرا ومش حلوة

Anonymous said...

اللون الاخضر مريح للاعصاب عندما يكون وسط الطبيعة والاشجار الوارفة والمياه الرقراقة والعيون الساحرة

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