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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Stunning Art, Romance Paintings by Lena Sotskova

The Romance, the word for it the poetry  are written, the word at which the singers sing, the word for it the painters paint a beautiful paintings. Here are some of the most stunning paintings about romance painted using oil painting by the painter artist Lena Sotskova . 

Lena Sotskova is a representative of Russian classical art. She creates paintings of contemporary themes and subjects using old masters techniques and methods, achieving their balance and completeness.

Sotskova spent over 20 years of extensive rigorous training with world class masters. She did restoration work in palaces and cathedrals of Moscow and St. Petersburg; The Hermitage, The Louvre, Russian state museum, Tretiakov Gallery, Kremlin. Lena Sotskova spends from 1 to 3 month on each oil on canvas painting.
Here is the official site for the artist



Anonymous said...

good work

Anonymous said...

تسلم ايدك حاجه هايله

Anonymous said...

كتير رائعة
للأسف نحن بزمن لم يبقى من الرومانسية سوا الصور و الحروف و بغض الأوراق المبعثرة و بقايا قلوب محترقة

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just lion said...

الرجل الرومانسي يبقى رومانسيا حتى بعد الزواج
أما المرأة فإنها تطفيء كل شموع الحب بعد الزواج لتصبح الحياة مملة وصامتة

رجل رومنسي ..حتى بعد الزواج !!!
مجرّد أسد

Anonymous said...

7elwa kteer

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